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Particle Board Plywood Wooden Door

Our doors & frames available in solid and engineered wood. Our engineered doors made from combination of different materials such as plywood , particle board , mdf , veneer an combine with solid wood. Manufacture using modern machine which is operated byskilled workers with high craftsmanship. Engineered door is affordable and better for environment because using only small amount of solid hardwood. Furthermore, designs can be more flexible compare with solid wood due it use composite construction.Tataresourcedotcom

Industrial capacity: 10.000 pcs / month
Wood species: Pine, Oak, Tropical timber, Other timber
Product: for sale
Targeted countries:
  • US Virgin isl.
  • Syria
  • Suriname
  • Uganda
  • Uzbekistan
  • US MO isl.

    • Last updated: 2017.03.10